Diving in Tenerife

The volcanic island of Tenerife harbors unique underwater rock formations and rich marine life boasting more than 500 species. Tenerife is one of seven islands in the Spanish-owned archipelago located just 60 miles off the northwest coast of Africa.

Divers can wear shorties almost year ’round in the Atlantic waters of Tenerife, as water temperatures stay in the range of 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Visibility is generally about 60-80 feet plus.

Marine Life

Divers can see a wide variety of rays: Atlantic rays, stingrays, butterfly rays, eagle rays, and more. There are lots of eels, octopi, jellyfish, scorpion fish, jacks (tuna) and cuttlefish. Anemone and urchins are plentiful, along with arrow crabs, starfish, shrimp, grunts, barracuda, puffer fish, parrot fish, and trumpet fish. Angel sharks can be seen in winter, and there are lots of dolphins, whales, and other sharks. The green turtles can get frisky at some dive sites as they are used to being hand fed by divers.

Diving in Tenerife


The Canary Islands are one of the top vacation spots for Europeans who want a sunny island getaway. The Canaries are less popular with Americans, perhaps because the Carribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico are much more accessible. Tenerife is especially popular with Germans and the British, and this is reflected in the restaurants and local businesses owned by many relocated western Europeans.

Dive Shops

Dive shops in Tenerife are owned, run, and staffed by multi-lingual instructors from all over the world. There are dozens of scuba shops to choose from on the sunny island. Many of the shops have websites. Here is a brief list of some PADI certified shops:

Southwest coast:

The Dive Shop Tenerife is located in Torviscas market and is run by Dive Master, Tim, who is originally from Britain.
DiverSity is located in the harbor of Puerto Colon.
Southeast coast:

Easy Blue World is located in Abades and has a team of instructors and Dive Masters from all over the world.
South near airport:

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Tene Reef Revellers is located in Los Abrigos near the airport.

Ocean Blue Divers is located in Puerto de Santiago near the beautiful cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Atlantik is run by two Germans, Thomas and Dirk. They have two locations: one in the north in Puerto de la Cruz, and the other in the south in Costa Adeje.
Tenerife dive sites

While there are a plethora of dive sites for both boat and shore dives, each dive shop has its own local haunts that it favors. Check out the following lists of dive sites:

Both Easy Blue World and Wannadive Tenerife have extensive lists of dive sites and are rated by level of difficulty along with loads of great pictures.

Ocean Blue Divers lists several sites near Las Galletas and Los Gigantes, on the western coast of Tenerife.

For a list of lots of wrecks, Dive 24-7 Tenerife has a great list.


All of the Scuba shops listed in this article are PADI members and certified with instructors of varying experience from all over the world.

Tenerife has a hiperbaric oxygen chamber in Santa Cruz, at the Hospital Universitario de Canarias, accessible in 15 minutes by helicopter.

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