Exploring Gran Canaria: trips to the Agaete Valley and Guayadeque Ravine

Agaete and Guayadeque are two of the most stunning ravines on the island. Each lies in a different area, with the result that they offer two different sorts of vegetation and human population.

The Agaete valley begins at the whitewashed town of the same name in the north-west of the island and ascends rapidly inland. In a short space of time the landscape changes from coastal aridity to the intense green of tropical fruit plantations, until finally climbing on and up to the level of the pinewoods. The road comes to an end in the spa of Los Berrazales, overlooking splendid views of the craggy heights of Tamadaba.

Barranco Guayadeque

Barranco Guayadeque

The Guayadeque ravine comes within the municipal boundaries of Agüimes, to the east. From this town, with its long-standing handicraft tradition, take the fork leading to the canyon-like course of the ravine. If at all possible, the ascent along this valley presents even greater contrasts than that of Agaete, and the views are similarly of great beauty.

The vegetation hereabouts is essentially xerophile, and the inhabitants peculiar in that they are troglodyte, living in caves, an aspect inherited from their pre-Hispanic forebears, of whom many vestiges still remain in the area.

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