Fiestas del Pino in Gran Canaria

In September Gran Canaria honours the Virgen del Pino, the island’s most important religious icon. On the seventh of the month people head to pretty Teror to make offerings to the statue of the Virgin Mary and child in Teror’s church. The same night thousands of pilgrims walk from their homes to Teror. It’s a happy event that brings the island together.

People of all ages then go into Teror’s church to make promises to the statue and thank her for favours granted. The queue is huge but it is all part of the event and the wait is well worth it. You can ask the Virgin for any favour you want and she is famous for her generosity.

Gran Canaria Fiestas del Pino

Once you have visited the Pinito we recommend a fortifying bocadillo or sandwich made from the local spicy sausage. Chorizo de Teror is garlicky and incredibly tasty and gives you the strength to join in the dancing. Stay until midnight and you get to see Teror’s beautiful Canarian houses all lit up by a huge firework display

The eighth is the actual fiesta day but there are events all week long, including the opening ceremony, concerts, religious ceremonies and a livestock fair. The statue of the Virgin is also carried out of the church and paraded around the town. The locals gather to watch their famous patron and see which of her capes she is wearing.

To find out more about the Fiestas del Pino and see this year’s calendar of events, see this website

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