Fischco Diving School La Gomera

Fischco are based La Playa La Gomera, the diving sites we use offer a large variety of fish and plants from the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Huge sting rays, eagle rays and electric rays dive here together with sierra, barracudas, tuna and perch. Trumpet fish, parrot fish and trigger fish are subtropical species of the colourful underwater world. Between the rocks you will discover brown and black morays; also the beautifully painted fangtooth moray is often to be seen.

Canary Islands diving

Big globefish as well as different anemones and the well camouflaged great locust lobster, growing here at the Canary Islands to an extraordinary size, prefer caves for hiding. With a little luck we meet manta rays, angle sharks and turtles too.

Fischco off the following Diving Courses:
Beginners Open Water Diver Course with equipment and book
Advanced Open Water Course with book but without equipment
Rescue Diver with book but without equipment
Divemaster with book but without equipment

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