Fuencaliente Caballos Fuscos y Fufos festival

On the last Sunday of August in even years, at the entrance of the festival dance in Fuencaliente, horses can be heard neighing and the band strikes up the Horses’ Polka. This is the start of the caballos fuscos parade. It consists of horses, made out of cane covered by coloured papers, ridden by smart men wearing dark suits, a tie and a hat. They dance to the strains of this polka, surrounded by the smoke from torches, sparklers and fireworks.

Fuencaliente Caballos Fuscos y Fufos festival

Fuencaliente Caballos Fuscos y Fufos festival

These horses, as well as bulls, dwarfs … were made by the late carpenter Blas Cabrera Hernández and his son, Cornelio Cabrera, inherited his father’s job. When Cornelio died in 1953, nobody took his labor seriously until Margarita Hernández decided to make these characters in 1978. it was then when this festival was celebrated at the same time as the La Vendimia (a celebration which takes place when the grapes are collected), according to Manuel Hernández Cabrera.

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