Antigua is situated in the east central area of the island of Fuerteventura and occupies an area of 249.5km2. Extensive plains dotted with farmhouses and mills and landscapes studded with basaltic colours, are this municipality’s main featur. Its great valleys and many ravines, where most of the area’s vegetation is found, transmit a sense of peace and absolute tranquillity. It has three protected natural areas: Malpais Grande Natural Monument, Cuchillos de Vigán Natural Monument and Caldera de Gairía Natural Monument, which reveal the island’s volcanic origin.

 Sea and Beaches 

 Caleta de Fuste: is located in a privileged position as it is only 7 km. from the international airport of Fuerteventura, very near to the island’s capital, and in the centre of the eastern coast. This area is very convenient for visitors, strategically positioned for them to be able to visit the rest of its geography.

Caleta de Fuste has become one of the best tourist areas on the island, as it has some fantastic modern facilities for hotels and other trades, together with a convention centre, two golf courses, a vast array of shopping centres, limitless leisure areas, sports areas, etc., where visitors can enjoy a fantastic holiday.

We must also point out its marvellous beaches with golden sand and crystal clear water, protected from the waves unlike many on the island, making it an ideal safe place for family tourism that abounds in the area.

beach of Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura

beach of Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura

Other beaches in the municipality:

Las Salinas,  situated in the charming coastal village of Las Salinas del Carmen where we find the restored saltworks that have now been converted into the Salt Museum.

Pozo Negro, a beach with black sand, located in the fishing village of the same name, at the end of Malpais Grande natural park, it is a natural harbour with a great fishing tradition.

 Leisure and complementary offer

 Golf: The area has 2 spectacular golf courses, both 18 hole, which with their privileged position next to the sea make them an interesting attraction for this type of tourism. Both have a golf club, specialist shops, cafeterias and restaurants where you can find everything you need to practice this sport. Moreover enjoying a pleasant day in enviable surroundings under brilliant sunshine and a soft sea breeze.

Water sports: You can take part in numerous water sports in Caleta de Fuste: Kayaking, jet skiing, on banana boats, and of course windsurfing, as El Castillo beach is protected from the waves unlike many on the island, and is the ideal location to learn this sport, having very well equipped school for sports. Its unbeatable seabeds, rich in fauna and with clear waters, make it the ideal area to carry out scuba diving.

Spa: There are three large centres with modern installations and the most innovative beauty treatments to be able to enjoy the benefits and nutritive properties of sea water.

Senderismo y Mountain Bike: The best way to get to know the municipality of Antigua, to get closer to nature and discover our unique landscape, is to take part in trekking or mountain biking.

Antigua has an enormous amount of magnificent routes throughout its area. In Caleta de Fuste we have some magnificent areas to ride Mountain Bikes at all levels of difficulty, whether just for bike rides or to practise the sport more extremely.

Horse-riding: Another beautiful way to be in contact with nature is on horse back, enjoying our fabulous landscapes in an unparalleled manner.

 Culture and traditions

 Outstanding Works of Art and Natural Monuments

Antigua stands out as the capital of Majorera crafts, where embroidery, openwork, basket weaving, ceramics, wood working, etc. are activities that form part of its people’s roots, and that highlight the traditional character of its people. The celebration of the “Insular Crafts Fair” stands out. It takes place during the first fortnight of May and is where the majority of the island’s craftspeople meet up to show off the richness of their products. An ideal place to get to know the Municipality’s and the whole island’s traditions is the Craft Centre at Molina de Antigua, where the visitor can find fantastic examples of Majorera crafts.

 Significant architectural works: San Buenaventura Castle,Situated next to the Caleta de Fuste Marina we find the San Buenaventura Castle, dating from the 18th century, listed as of cultural interest, it is one of only two unique examples of military architecture that remain on the island.

Lime kilns,The lime kilns are another example of our heritage. These are unique buildings where in the olden days limestone would be used to produce enormous quantities of lime that was exported to other islands.

We would like to point out the churches and chapels that make up the religious architecture of each village in the municipality:

Nuestra Seńora de Antigua Church, which already existed in the 16th century as a chapel.

Nuestra Seńora de Guadalupe from the 17th century in Agua de Bueyes.

San Roque from the 18th century in Valles de Ortega and Casillas de Morales.

San Francisco Javier from the 18th century in Las Pocetas.

San Isidro Labrador from the 18th century, in Triquivijate

Leisure and cultural centres

 Salt Museum: The bravery of the Atlantic waves becomes peace in Salinas del Carmen. The foam cools off on the cooker, where it awaits for the sun’s embrace and for man to caress it. It is in this handcrafted way that this island’s white gold is produced: Foam salt.

Come to the museum to see the process live and learn about the history of salt

Antigua Mill: A visitor’s centre where you can go into a Gofio mill, walk through its cactus gardens, visit permanent and temporary exhibitions, and of course, see the work carried out by the island’s crafts people at the craft shop and treat yourself to something. It will surely be difficult to decide what you like best.

Visitor Centre in the village of La Atalayita: You cannot leave Fuerteventura without going to the Pozo Negro Valley and there see the art the Mahos had in building their small houses made from volcanic stone and how they formed their villages.

 Events and Congresses

 Incentive trips, congresses, conventions and company meetings make Caleta de Fuste an ideal place for a perfect combination between the tourist attractions that the municipality of Antigua offers and the suitable infrastructure to organise these types of events.

We should point out the Convention Centre  which has a capacity for 800 people, in an avant-guard style with all the necessary facilities, as well as other hotel establishments that also have large modern meeting rooms to host these types of events, with highly trained staff and the most advanced technology.

 Caleta De Fuste Tourist Office

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