El Cotillo

El Cotillo is a lovely relaxed village in the north of the island with some great beaches, interesting lagoons and some good restaurants and bars. El Cotillo has a character of its own. Tourism is catching up with it but it is well worth a visit.

Pronounced “El Coateeeyo” this fishing village is a shrine to the Virgin de Buen Viaje (good travel) and these words can be seen painted on the cliffs overlooking the old harbour to the right of the town of El Cotillo. It is not hard to see why developers are slowly moving into this part of Fuerteventura. Fantastic beaches and lagoons lie to the south of the town..

The beaches of El Cotillo
Turning left as you head into El Cotillo you head towards the cliffs. where a number of footpaths lead down to the Playa del Castillo, one of the nicest beaches in the region.

El Cotillo beach, Canary Island, Fuerteventura

El Cotillo beach

Stretching further to the south is the surfing and windsurfing capital of the island – the beaches of Playa del Ajibe de la Cueva and the Playa del Aguila, both wild and remote. Blue ocean waves give off white foam that crashes in to the fine sandy beach.

The waters here can be dangerous and during winter the swell as been known to break over El Cotillo’s harbour wall and sink small fishing boats.
The conditions are ideal for experienced surfers who head either to the beaches of El Cotillo and the more isolated ones between El Cotillo and Corralejo. There are miles of beaches to the south of this part of sunny Fuerteventura. The beaches are excellent, and even on a busy day they are too big to be overcrowded.

South of El Cotillo
The area along the cliff tops by El Cotillo is only suitable for 4 wheel-drive vehicles. Infact, the rugged road runs all the way from El Cotillo to Corralejo passing many little deserted beaches along the way. Turn left at the sea front as you enter El Cotillo and you pass the new harbour and come to the Fortaleza del Tostón – a round fort built in the late 1790’s to defend against invading pirates. It now serves as a tourist information office and you are welcome to wander around the tower (it is free). Beware though – people have been known to be locked in there when staff haven’t bothered to check at closing time!

North of El Cotillo
Turning right to the north as you enter El Cotillo brings you to the picturesque old harbour area with its small bars and restaurants. This area leads to superb white beaches with crystal clear lagoons many of which have pedestrian access. Just north of the lagoons is the Faro or lighthouse. Around this area there are some marvellous coves.

Getting to El Cotillo
El Cotillo can be easily reached by public transport. The number 8 bus makes the short journey from Corralejo. The number 7 route, runs from Puerto del Rosario to El Cotillo across the island offering a pleasant sightseeing tour.