Los Molinos

A trip to Los Molinos would not be complete without feeding the ducks and swans – so don’t forget to take some bread. This tiny fishing hamlet lies huddled in a bay next to a permanently flowing stream which empties into a duck pond then into the sea.

After driving down into Los Molinos, try scrambling up the cliffs opposite the pond – it’s quite safe with steps going part way up, just watch your footing. From there you will get a lovely view over Los Molinos.

Beach of los Molinos, Fuerteventura

Beach of los Molinos

Down to the bridge over the duck pond and as you wander through the collection of little fishermen’s houses you will come across an unusual monument to the sea. The beach at Los Molinos is unusual. In the summer it is golden but gets washed away in the winter leaving dark sand. The golden sand returns again about spring.(photo:Xosema)