Gran Canaria Walking Festival

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is an annual event where walkers from all over the world will enjoy of the Island of Gran Canaria participating in waking tours along the mountains and rural areas of the Island.

These walks will show the participants the fascinating interior landscape of Gran Canaria. Nature in Gran Canaria is spectacular. The Island geography is full with mountains, valleys, rural path, small villages and whimsical natural formations that creates an enormous variety. This natural set is the stage for the Gran Canaria Walking Festival, which will also account with cultural activities that will allow participants to experience a wonderful week on the Island….and everything under the wonderful weather of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Walking Festival is promoted by the Association of Rural Accommodation of Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Natural) y accounts with the collaboration of:

Patronato de Turismo de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria ISland Council)
Promotur (Canary Islands Government)
Secretaría de Estado de Turismo del Gobierno de España (Spanish Government).

All the activities that will take place during the event, and also the institutions and companies involved in the organization of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival are committed to the preservation of the Island environment.

This year edition (2012) of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival will have 5 different walks which will take place from the 15th to the 22nd of September.

  • Walk ”Roque Nublo trail”
  • Walk ”Bandama trail”
  • Walk ”Barranco de la Mina trail”
  • Walk ”Camino de la Plata trail”
  • Walk ”Artenara – Cruz de Acusa – Tamadaba – San Pedro trail”

The Organization of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival invites you to join this wonderful experience and to share memorable moments with people from all over the world.

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