Gran Canaria Windsurfing

Gran Canaria is a superb spot for windsurfing, since the naturally warm air and water temperature conditions are complemented by the presence of the trade wind, a wind that is ideal for this sport and blows mainly on the eastern side of the island.

San Agustín Beach and the neighbouring beaches of Las Burras and El Inglés provide unsurpassable sites for this activity. All three have board and equipment hire facilities, as well as windsurfing schools providing tuition for beginners and other levels.

Situated a few kilometres from San Agustín are the beaches of Pozo Izquierdo and Tarajalillo, areas exposed to stronger winds, more for the expert windsurfer, and with a tried and tested reputation for quality, having been designated as the official site for several world championships. In addition, there is the “Bahía Feliz” residential complex, given over almost entirely to windsurfing, with a plentiful range of accommodation on offer.


Gran Canaria windsurfing

Gran Canaria windsurfing

Popular Windsurfing Centers in Gran Canaria


Club Mistral Bahía Feliz

Playa de Tarajalillo

Tel: 928 77 40 25


F2 Surfcenter Dunkerbeck

Plaza de Hibiscus, Águila Playa

Tel: 928 76 29 58

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