Las Canteras

Las Canteras is the main beach serving the capital, Las Palmas. Its more than three kilometres of golden sand stretch the length of the western side of the isthmus on which the city stands and which joins the island with the group of volcanic cones, known as “La Isleta”. Fifty years ago this whole area was still covered by sands like those of Maspalomas.

Nowadays the isthmus of Las Palmas, just a few hundreds yards wide, is the site of the “El Puerto” shopping centre, which owes its name to the fact that it rose in the shadow of the city’s harbour, located on the eastern side of the isthmus.

Las Canteras City Beach

Las Canteras City Beach

Las Canteras Beach is a favourite with many islanders because of its easy accessibility, its fine sand and placid waters. The promenade running from one side of the beach to the other is one of Las Palmas’ most lively areas and an ideal place to go for a stroll at any time of the day or night. The sand is of superb quality, and the water is like some massive natural swimming pool, due to a tongue of lava from one of the extinct volcanoes on La Isleta that runs parallel to the coast a few hundred yards out to sea.

This natural barrier, La Barra de Las Canteras, breaks the full force of the waves, calming these northern waters and, at low tide, forming a kind of lagoon that is replenished with the arrival of the next high tide.