Puerto Rico

The flambouyant, modern resort of Puerto Rico, on the island of Gran Canaria basks in superb weather year-round as it is situated on the island’s most southerly tip just across the ocean from the Sahara Desert. Puerto Rico is surrounded by hills with its holiday accommodation clinging to steep cliff sides which can sometimes mean getting to and from your accommodation a bit of a trek.

However there is good availability of cheap taxis. The resort includes three big commercial centres overflowing with shops, bars and restaurants, and is flanked by a marina packed with luxury yachts where you can indulge in every kind of water sport imaginable. With two golden beaches, Puerto Rico has something for everyone: a realxing beach holiday or a lively family get-together.

resort in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

resort in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

From its very inception, Puerto Rico sought to distinguish its attractions from those of the other coastal resorts, devoting itself entirely to water sports and sailing.

The valley opens out to the sea in a pleasant and cosy man-made beach, flanked by a marina where pleasure craft bob at their moorings. The quays lend the place a seafaring character and, with their six hectares of enclosed shelter, provide the visitor with an area for leisurely mooching and relaxation by the sea. At the marina, the possibilities for fun and recreation are legion: boat trips, sailing, jet- and water-skiing, para-skiing, deep-sea fishing, eating out, etc.

A stay in Puerto Rico, mainly in holiday flats and homes, also holds out other attractions, such as shopping malls, an aquapark, sports facilities and a hectic nightlife.