San Agustín

San Agustín is one of the leading tourist centres lying on Gran Canaria’s southern flank. Although nowadays it tends to form part of the generalised sprawl that spreads through the Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas areas, it is nevertheless an entity in its own right, located around the beaches of San Agustín and Las Burras. Of the three tourist resorts in the extreme south of the island, San Agustín is the nearest to the capital, Las Palmas, and the first to be seen on coming from the airport. On spying the San Agustín resort area from the top of the hill on arrival, one is rather taken aback by the unexpected subtropical lushness of its gardens, that come in sharp contrast to the desert scenery crossed until then.

San Agustin beach

San Agustin beach

Tourism in this area is characterised by both the quali and preponderance of first rate hotels, as opposed to the holid flats and bungalows that mark the neighbouring Playa del Inglés. Along its shrub-and flower-lined streets rise some of the most important hotels on the island, though accommodation for all tastes and pockets is available.

San Agustín also offers a wide choice of restaurants and entertainment venues, among which the Gran Canaria Casino and Scala Music Hall & Theatre deserve special mention.

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