Tias is an established town that has grown due to its proximity to Lanzarote Airport. The town has its own main high street full of shops cafes pubs and eateries. Tias is very close to the Deiland shopping center and many others major stores and supermarkets. Tias is a favoured town to live for many British and Irish people working on Lanzarote. The range of property in Tias for sale is quite varied from apartments plenty of new constructions and very large villas.

Tias, Praia de Matagorda

Tias, Praia de Matagorda

Tias which overlooks Puerto del Carmen is the chief town of the municipality of the same name. For this reason many of the administrative centres for Puerto del Carmen´s local services are located here.

The name of this town is due to the spinster aunts of the Governor of Gran Canaria Don Alonso Fajardo who were called Doña Francisca and Doña Hernan Fajardo. To begin with it was known as Tias de Fajardo but later it lost the surname and became known as Tias. The word ´tia´ meaning aunt.(photo:Lmbuga)

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