Las Palmas International Film Festival

The Las Palmas International Film Festival has been held at different venues around the capital of the island of Gran Canaria since 1999. Dates from March 16, 2012 to March 24, 2012.

Las Palmas International Film Festival

Las Palmas International Film Festival

The festival aims to cover the so-called “peripheric” film industries, that is, the output of countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. Screenings can be viewed at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the main festival venue, plus other venues around the city such as the Monopol Multiplex, the Initiatives Centre of the Caja de Canarias Savings Bank (CICCA) and the Gabinete Literario literary circle. In addition to the official section, information section and various parallel sections, the programme also includes a series of presentations and exhibitions.

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival is a space that exists between various worlds: between narration and experimentation, between artist and trend, between North and South, between East and West, between image and word, between fiction and non-fiction.

Through its permanent sections (Official, Informative, The Freakiest Night, the Canary Islands Forum and Déjà Vu), the festival explores the latest in film as an aesthetic art form. The programming is based on three principles: diversity of proposals, aesthetic risk-taking and coherence. Every year the competition is therefore a setting where the uniqueness of details (each film itself) and the unity of the whole (the dialogue between them) can be appreciated.

In addition to these sections, the festival rounds off its offering with a number of cycles and retrospectives focusing on the makers and terrains (geographical or conceptual) of film, rewriting the History of Cinema from this day forth, towards the future.

More information: pafilmfestival.com

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