More flights to Fuerteventura from Düsseldorf

From September 6th there will be an extra connection on Thursdays between Düsseldorf and Fuerteventura, which is “booming”. This tour operator calculates that it will bring 90,000 tourists to the island this year. The tour operator Alltours has just announced that it will respond to the increase in demand for sun and beach holiday that is are registering for the upcoming fall campaign, incorporating into its official program a new flight between Germany and Fuerteventura. This extra connection will begin on September 6th. The tour operator says that “this year Fuerteventura is booming.”

The positive evolution of the tourist season in Fuerteventura can be explained by “examples like Alltours, or the Polish tourism data continue to reflect the increase in demand for our destination, and shows that the process of rebalancing the majorero market adulterated by abnormally high numbers in 2011 caused by the conflicts in North Africa. “The greatest danger which we were facing as tourist destination was for us to believe in the ‘bubble’ of 2011 rather than analysing this season on its own merits”, he adds.

Parque Natural de Corralejo in Fuerteventura


“Thanks to the coordinated efforts with businesses and the huge amounts of promotion work there are indisputable positive effects of co-marketing agreements we signed with major European tour operators and airlines in January because of Fitur-rebalancing our market to grow in respect to 2010, which is the actual reference year, thus in the first half we gained almost 174,000 foreign tourists.” In this sense, the rise in demand for sun and beach holidays for Autumn registered by tour operator Alltours has led them to introduce a new weekly flight between Dusseldorf and Fuerteventura by the airline Hamburg Airways.

Interest in Northern Germany

A recent press release states that “the number of Germans who are planning a sun holiday in the Canary Islands in the fall, continues to grow”, so from September 6 Alltours customers also fly from Dusseldorf to our island with Hamburg Airways. “Fuerteventura is booming this year,” adds Alltours in its press release. The tour operator expects to reach 90,000 tourists to the island. “Demand remains high and therefore further extended from September to November, the capacity of our tourist packages,” says the founder and owner of Alltours, Willi Verhuven.

Alltours notes that the increased demand for the destination Fuerteventura comes mainly from the North Rhine-Westphalia region and the villages near Holland. He adds that in this area the holidays begin in September. The programming of the new flight from Dusseldorf  first thing in the morning allows its client to enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. Hamburg Airways will use a modern Airbus A-320 for this connection. source: visitfuerteventura.es

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