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Tourism in Tenerife

23Feb12 • Comments Off on Tourism in Tenerife

Have you discovered Tenerife yet? Many UK holidaymakers describe Tenerife as their dream holiday island. So, what is it about this island which makes it so popular with the UK holidaymakers?

Tenerife holiday guide

23Feb12 • Comments Off on Tenerife holiday guide

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Spanish Canary Islands.  The island is an extremely popular tourist destination partly because of its year round high temperatures and sunny weather.  Tenerife has it all from stunning beaches, historical buildings and small fishing bays to impressive volcanoes and a perfect climate.

Gran Canaria holiday guide

23Feb12 • Comments Off on Gran Canaria holiday guide

Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands and a popular holiday destination. The Canaries are a small group of Spanish Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 200km off the Northwest coast of Africa. Gran Canaria is a volcanic island with very dramatic and unique scenery. The Canaries are a popular winter holiday choice […]

Fuerteventura golf holidays

20Feb12 • Comments Off on Fuerteventura golf holidays

Now renowned as an ideal family holiday destination, a Fuerteventura golf holiday is a fabulous idea. It features some of the most beautiful and calm golf resorts, including Costa Calma to the south and Caleta de Fuste on the central east coast. Both of these resorts have the best of the family beaches, and Costa […]

Lanzarote Carnaval in Puerto del Carmen

15Feb12 • Comments Off on Lanzarote Carnaval in Puerto del Carmen

Each year the weekend following Ash Wednesday, Carnival begins in Puerto del Carmen. Floats, street musicians and bands are shifted to the Avenida de las Playas, Puerto del Carmen, with all its colorful and striking. The Carnival of Puerto del Carmen takes light, space and volume. Start Date:  23/02/2012.

La Palma Carnival

20Jan12 • Comments Off on La Palma Carnival

In Santa Cruz de la Palma, Carnival starts the Friday before Ash Wednesday and goes on until the early hours of Sunday morning, called Piñata Sunday, ten days later.  The varied programme always starts with a children’s parade and includes dances in the street, parties in the Sailing Club, the Casino and the Investigator’s Social […]

Citysightseeing bus in Santa Cruz

5Nov11 • Comments Off on Citysightseeing bus in Santa Cruz

With Thirteen bus stops and an itinerary that tracks the main spots of the capital city of Tenerife, a ride in this touristic bus is without any doubt the funniest way to get to know the town.

Starmus Festival

5Mar11 • Comments Off on Starmus Festival

Starmus is a festival that gathers together astronomy, space science, art and music in the Canary Islands. Tenerife will host this event, between June 20 to 25 at Magma Arte y Congresos in Costa Adeje, where a tribute to Yuri Gagarin will take place, 50 years after being the first human to fly into the […]